Eric Omondi Quits Quitting Comedy To Speak For The Voiceless

Comedian Eric Omondi now says he could soon quit comedy to focus on what he terms as changing the economic status of the country.

Omondi, speaking during an interview with Ramogi TV on Wednesday, intimated that – after 16 years in the industry – it is perhaps time he hangs up the microphone and picks up a different mantle.

The comedian expressed concerns about the high cost of living saying many Kenyans are presently suffering and cannot even afford basic needs such as food.

“It is a serious time, we’re no longer laughing, we’re in tough times. People are suffering, they’re starving, they can’t afford basic needs. Fortunately, God has given me a voice and platform,” he said.

“I have also entertained people for a long time, 16 years in the comedy industry. That is enough time.”

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi

The self-proclaimed ‘President of Comedy in Africa’ added that he will now focus on speaking for the voiceless to bring change in society.

He also rubbished allegations that he is backed by the opposition political party, saying his perceived activism is a sole endeavour.

“I’m doing this as Eric. I’m not part of any political outfit and not being pushed or sponsored by anyone,” he stated.

Asked whether he plans to vie for any political seat in the near or distant future, omondi stated:

“I’m the most followed, I don’t need any support from politicians. I have made enough money for myself and I am not doing this to get their help. I have everything I need. I don’t have to be elected as a Parliamentarian.”

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