Emotional Nadia Narrates Pregnancy Journey, Recalls Having Morning Sickness While On Her US Tour

African pop princess Nadia Mukami has narrated her pregnancy journey that inspired a Lola and Safari Foundation to help young/teen mothers.

“This foundation is very dear to me Lola is very feminine and Safari is very masculine. Apart from the foundation, we will have a franchise, but that is something for later. Lola and safari are names we were supposed to give our children but we did not get to,” Nadia explained.

Nadia And Arrow Bwoy

The foundation will mentor and nurture young mothers, thanks to the foundation Nadia and Arrow Buoy are the official brand ambassadors of RFH hospital.

“We will be walking this journey with them. Pregnancy is not a joke. I have been on this journey. This is my second time. It is not a joke. Let me prepare you, it is no joke mentally physically, financially.

Nadia And Arrow Bwoy

When I went on the US tour, I was 2 months pregnant. I had morning sickness. Let me tell you, I would vomit na mapua (through the nose) the whole tour

My tour manager did not know I was pregnant. Sometimes I’m sick but I have no one I can tell. It was really hard.”

Nadia explained the inspiration behind the foundation after her experience.

“We sat down and thought what about those women who don’t have that support. I would like to build women’s centers for them.

No dream should die for gender’s sake, just because you are a woman and you got a baby, it doesn’t have to put your dream on hold.

Let us show support for teen mothers. The foundation will have a concert to raise funds for young mothers. We will also sensitize young girls. If you don’t have money don’t get pregnant. My other tagline is it can wait.”

She added, “I remember when I got pregnant, God remembered me the most. I have done so many corporate deals because I embraced my journey privately.”

Nadia explained why she was very secretive about her two pregnancy journies.

“Watu wa blogs mko hapa najua mtasema Nadia alikuwa anaficha mimba. No. Pregnancy is a very personal journey, there are days you wake up you have a big meeting but you just want to sleep the whole day.”

She continued,

“So sometimes some of us don’t want to reveal it out there. I want to when I’m ready to talk about my journey.”

Adding that the pregnancy

“journey is beautiful.”

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