Just Photos That Prove That Diamond’s Genes Don’t Joke Around

That man has some powerful genes…chai. 

If you had a child with him today, just know, she or he will most likely look just like him, and we have photos to prove it. He could’ve as well given birth to some of his children.

1. His children with Zari 

His children with Zari, Latifah Dangote and Prince Nillan, took absolutely nothing from their mother……ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They are basically smaller human versions of the singer. Both of them.


image: Nairobi News

2. His child with Tanasha 

Diamond Platinumz’s son with Tanasha, Naseeb Junior, is just a few months old but he already has a striking resemblance to his father.

image: Tuko

The only person who seems to have stronger genes than Diamond is Hamisa, whose child with the bongo singer, Dylan, took more of her likeness.

image: Stat Mak Media

One out of four children is some really low odds. To the next mother of Diamond’s child, whoever you are, keep this in mind.

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