The general perception about the Range Rover Funny Face was seen cruising in on his Instagram timeline is that EIB CEO, Bola Ray pacified the former with it in the wake of a feud between him and his colleague comedians.

In an interesting turn of events, the air has been cleared with respect to the 2013-registered machine and its rightful owner.

The comedian’s antics in the video also could have triggered the notion that the vehicle was gifted to him. Watch this video…

However, Live FM’s Caleb Nii Boye who was present at the meeting has debunked the reports. According to him, the vehicle was used to pick up Funny Face to Bola’s office for a discussion “nothing more, nothing less.”

“Now the Range Rover!!!!!!! I have been tagged in numerous posts by friends wanting to know if Bola Ray bought a Range Rover for FunnyFace or not.

“Let me state emphatically that, Bola Ray did not buy a Range Rover for Funnyface. The car in which Funnyface recorded the video Is Bola Ray’s personal car and the gentleman you see driving is Bola Ray’s personal driver.”

“It was a ride to the Platinum Place, where Bola Ray’s office is located for a meeting. Nothing more. Nothing less,” he wrote on Facebook.”