Betty Kyallo To Take Legal Action Against Those Spreading Fake Reports Of Leaked Videos & Photos

Former news anchor Betty Kyallo is set to legal action against those spreading fake news about her.

MEDIOS Limited, the company that manages her brand, stated that they have already lodged an official complaint with the DCI and any blog/persons found guilty of originating false news will be prosecuted.

This is after Betty was linked to an explicit video on social media, claims she rubbished as baseless.

Betty Kyalo

“The nature of the content circulating on social media platforms is false, malicious and of the intent to tarnish the Betty Kyallo brand which has been carefully cultivated over the past decade.

“The aforementioned content is no way a representation of the Betty Kyallo brand…we have been assured that any persons and/or blogs, social media accounts found guilty of originating the false news will be prosecuted,” read the statement.

Through her social handles, Betty cautioned those out to defame her that their days were numbered.

“Say no to cyberbullying. Not this year guys…not this year.”

Her sister Mercy Kyallo also shared similar sentiments, urging those facing cyberbullying to protect their territory.

“It is atrocious how some people will nibble on your light. To my sister and the many others who are cyberbullied, no man throws stones to a fruitless tree…keep your head up.”

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