BenSoul’s Baby Mama Tiffany Muikamba, Admits She Misses Him Sometimes

Tiffany Muikamba, the baby mama to Sol Generation singer BenSoul has admitted that she still misses the singer sometimes.

Sharing on social media, Tiffany said she misses her baby daddy sometimes despite their love-hate relationship.

“I would be lying if I said I never think about you. What we had, our love hate relationship. Everything feels so ridiculously funny right now.”

Bensoul &Tiffany
Bensoul &Tiffany

Even though the two are no longer together, Tiffany said she loves that they are at peace now and she is happy raising her daughter.

“Considering how everything went downhill so freaking fast, I love the peace and harmony we now share. Life really has its ups and downs so never focus on the downs only because I never thought I would be this happy plus peaceful. It all feels like a dream but it’s really a huge miracle.”

The mother of one also revealed she might be ready to date again.

“Just realized something I never though I’ll be thinking of. I’m actually ready to date again, but I have a lot of rules.”

Bensoul and Tiffany have been at loggerheads since their affair was exposed in March 2022. Bensoul came clean about cheating on his girlfriend Noni and impregnating Tiffany Muikamba.

The ‘Nairobi’ hit maker came clean after Edgar Obare confronted him about claims made by a girl that she was pregnant with his child.

He confirmed that it was true and that it was a mistake he made with a girl he met at a show in Mombasa.

Days after Tiffany Muikamba announced on Instagram that she had welcomed a baby girl, she opened a can of worms by revealing that she was not co-parenting. She later escalated the matter, with claims that the Sol Generation singer was a dead beat dad.

According to her recent statement, it would appear that they are now peacefully and harmoniously co-parenting.

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