Bahati’s Nanny Takes Home Sh100k As Monthly Salary

Yes, you read the title right, the Bahati’s pay their housemaid Ksh 100K monthly… Probably more than what some bosses receive after working extremely hard in their white collar jobs.

The nanny appears on several videos of the Bahatis, most of which are believed to be staged, including their deluxe gifts to each other; which netizens believe are a hoax.

Anyway, fans have also reacted to the claims of the nanny receiving such huge amounts of cash for being their nanny; with most of them not buying it.
Bahatis Nanny

Check out the numerous reactions;
But by just doing some housework, Irine Nekesa bags the sumptuous amount of cash and smiles her way to the bank.

The Nanny shared through an interview with NTV that the Bahatis opened great doors for her, both on social media and financially.

Nairobi gossip club disclosed this news on their Instagram page. She uses her social media platform as a side hustle while topping up her monthly salary of Ksh 100,000…

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