Talk is cheap – Asem Fires Sarkodie Following His Presidential Tweet (Photos)

The scuffle between Asem and Sarkodie seems to be no where near over as Asem has recently aimed a subtle jab at Ghana’s most decorated Rapper.

Sarkodie recently caused a massive stir on social media after he declared his presidential ambitions in a rather satirical manner as he posted a photo of himself with the caption

“Presidential candidate 2024 Anaa mo se?”

This has since evoked massive reaction from fans across the country. “No More Kpayor” hitmaker, Asem also seems not to be happy with Sarkodie’s aim to lead the country.

In his recent tweet, Asem called Sarkodie a “wack empty rapper”, claiming that talk is cheap after Sarkodie dropped a hint in one of his tweets about his political ambitions and hopes of becoming the president of Ghana in the not too distant future.

According to the New York based rapper, Sarkodie cannot even face him as an individual in a rap battle let alone rule an entire nation. Asem’s tweet read:

“You can’t even face me in rap battle, you are boasting of running for what?”

“The only thing you’re running from is ASEM”


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