Akothee To Undergo Artificial Insemination To Get Another Kid

Akothee’s baby perennial baby fever might be settled soon after the musician and entrepreneur divulged that she’s set to go for artificial insemination to have yet another kid.

The 45 year old mother of 5 has confessed her love for having her own kids, but she can’t since she hasn’t found someone to impregnate her- or maybe she knows she has hit menopause.

Either way, Akothee’s desire to add a 6th child has forced her to go abroad for artificial insemination. She’s currently their with her daughters- and Fancy Makadia also studies there.


Sharing through her Instagram, Akothee asked her fans not to be inquisitive when they see her pregnant, nor should they ask who the father to her baby will be.
She wrote;

”I have something for kids. I miss something and I don’t want to get pregnant at 45 . Since looks like a partner won’t be possible soon. I will be going for Artificial insemination here in France 📌 So when you see me pregnant don’t ask me who the father is . 🙏 All I want is my own baby with No drama,. Cheers and good night .
Do what you want to do in this life ,Its your life .💪”

Akothee’s desire to add a kid comes shortly after she confirmed she’s no longer in a relationship with her former manager Nelly Oaks.

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