Abel Mutua: Why I Will Not Get Another Child

Filmmaker Abel Mutua has dismissed those pressuring him and his wife, Judy Nyawira, to have a second child.

According to Abel, people should unlearn the outdated notion that a couple must have more than one child.

“ If I decide I only want to get one child, it is a personal choice, I don’t see how it affects you….if it would be affecting you we would try and get another…but why are you sleepless? I know why I have decided one is enough, I have my reasons, if you want to get 15 children, go ahead,” Abel said in an online interview.

Abel Mutua

The storyteller explained that one of the reasons he is content with having his 12-year-old daughter only is that he feels he can fully provide for her alone.

“For me I feel the kind of life I want to give my child, it can only be possible if I have one.”

Abel, well known for his moniker ‘Mkurugenzi’ added that he underwent trauma in becoming a dad at a very young age. This contributes to his decision to keep it to only one child.

“That fear is still inside me. Even when I hear someone is pregnant, I feel scared. Just because of the trauma I had 12 years ago,” he said.

He claims that his choice can be changed only if his wife Judy decides she wants to have more children. Abel also shared memories of the day the then 22-year-old Judy told him that she was pregnant.

“She cried the whole day. I told her there is no two ways about it, if a baby is on the way, it is upto us to adjust to the situation. I told her I am ready to handle whatever comes with the baby.”

The film director shared his secrets on parenting, saying that it becomes easy if one maintains a friendship with the child.

“We have some respect because she knows she cannot lie to me. We have a working formula. Being a child’s friend, create a friendly environment with a child,” Abel said.

As a content creator, Abel has been incorporating his daughter in his vlogs, this, he does with extra caution.

“We are monitoring everything, her tablet has You Tube kids and when she downloads anything we get email notifications.”

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