A Disturbing Video of DJ Brown Skin Recording His Wife as She Takes Her Own Life Emerges

Kenyans are shocked after watching a video of popular entertainer Michael Macharia well known DJ Brown Skin Recording his wife as she took poison to end her life.

The video that was recorded last year was shared by BNN. In the video, Brown Skin’s wife known as Sharon Njeri is seen having a conversation with him, she then takes something that is in a cup (alleged poison) as the DJ watches.

She then proceeds to sit on the couch, and he records for a while before asking the ‘auntie’ to come give her milk.

DJ Brownskin
DJ Brownskin

In the disturbing video, his young children enter the room where their mother is laying on the floor wailing in pain and the DJ asks one of the children to give the mother milk. He is heard in the background saying,

” Mpee maziwa unajua amekunywa madawa mingi.”

Social media users have different reactions regarding this situation since the entertainer did not seem to intervene.

In the DJ’s social media pages, after his wife died, he shared an emotional post on social media saying that her death had left a huge gap in his life.

” Your death left a gaping hole in my life that I fill with the love we shared.”

In another post he said as a man he felt tested when he had questions without answers.

” A man is tested the most when he is on his knees. When he has questions without answers. When he has to put on a brave face and remind himself to be a man. On the 29th of July my life as I knew it completely changed. The events of the past week have shaken me on my core! They have put me to the test as a man, father, husband, friend and entertainer but I am comforted by the words of Isaiah 43:2.”

He also thanked his family and friends for standing by his side as he was going through a tough time.

On her birthday in December, he shared a post updating her of how things have been since she left.

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