The Wife Of Derek Chauvin Requests To Change Her Last Name

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The wife of Derek Chauvin, the officer fired and arrested for the brutal daylight murder of George Floyd wants a change of name in divorce fillings.

According to CNN, Kellie Chauvin has requested a last-name change and the titles to both of their homes.

Kellie Chauvin separated from her husband on May 28, the day before he was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

The filing cites an “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage” that was beyond saving. The couple has been married since June 2010, just under 10 years.

Chauvin said in the filing she wants to change her last name, among other requests. She didn’t say in the filing which surname she’d take once the divorce was finalized, but the petition notes that she was formerly known as Kellie Thao and Kellie Xiong.

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