9 Crazy Things That Happen In Nairobi CBD Immediately Before It Starts Raining

Nairobi is a crazy city already but it gets even crazier when the clouds go dark and signs of rain appear.

There’s always all kinds of chaos. It’s like a drop of rain falling on your body is such a bad thing. But you know we Africans. We are not like white people who kiss in the rain. We believe that rain is for crops. Us we are just fine.

Anyway, here are some of the crazy things that happen in Nairobi CBD when it’s just starting to rain.I am talking the first few drops.

1. Choirs of umbrella-selling hawkers pop up everywhere.

Just before it starts raining, hordes of hawkers always pop up with umbrellas in their hands. The price tag on them is usually triple the original amount but there’s nothing you can do about it. Either buy the umbrella or enjoy the free shower.

Kings cover Umbrella

Images by Kings Cover Umbrella


2. Matatu fares get inflated more than Zimbabwe’s currency.

Makangas adore rain. Just like hawkers, they always find it appropriate to triple the fare when the skies are about to open up. Don’t want to pay? Then be superman and fly home. Or idle around town until the rains are through. But there’s always no guarantee the fares will drop.



3. Ladies dash to take cover in an effort to protect ‘the weave.’ 

This has to be one of the bits I enjoy watching the most. You see a lady running so hard to save her weave but she’s not moving at all. Then you know some boyfriend somewhere is gonna have to pay for a new hairstyle the next day.

Running Chicken Meme


4. …then there’s the part where they cover their heads with nylon paper bags.

Anything for the weave.



5. Coffee joints (even those that rarely get customers) suddenly become crowded.

This is supposed to be the best time to get coffee but it always ends up being the worst because every joint is too crowded.

Image: coffeedetective.com

Image: coffeedetective.com


6. Insane traffic jam…because everyone thinks they should get home first and fast.

accra traffic


7. People sliding and falling all over. 

My primary school teacher told me to never laugh at people who are in trouble but during times like this, I can’t help but burst out in tremendous laughter.

laughing gif jordan


8. Mud festival. 

The CBD doesn’t really have any earth roads but all of a sudden there’s mud all over. You can’t help but wonder where it all came from. Maybe it’s the Rongai people.

Image: kenyacarbazaar.com

Image: kenyacarbazaar.com


9. Steeplechase race.

I can’t forget to mention the number of people you’ll see jumping over the stagnant or running water that is gathering up quickly with each drop. It’s like they are in a steeplechase race in the Berlin marathon.



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