Image: Diaspora Messenger

So, Apple just released its new devices: The iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 plus and the iPhone X

As expected, the internet is going crazy, and the memes are flying! Here are some of the best jokes we’ve seen.

1. When a new iPhone comes out, the old ones just start to become slow


2. What’s your preferred mode of payment? Credit card or kidney?



3. The 7 and 8 are basically the same phone


4. The new iPhone is glass on both sides, so that’s two broken screens to fix


5. Face recognition means easy access to your man’s phone and someone is asking the important questions




7. Tears!


8. Real question


9. Another important question!


10. The ladies are not here to play


11. The real losers


12. What did the number 9 ever do?


13. Honestly!


14. Haha!


15. All broke people can relate


16. LOL


17. Sad story


18. So accurate!


19. LMAO