Everybody admires David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo for one thing besides their excellent on-pitch skills, their fashion sense.

A long time ago, telling one’s parents you wanted to be a footballer will result in beating. Football was detested by African parents but today, even uneducated footballers have become millionaires and raking in several millions of dollars monthly.

After the money, footballers try to overhaul their lifestyles by spoiling themselves with luxury goods, cars and mansions. They also tend to take their fashion serious except sometimes it backfires.

Without considering this as a hate post, let’s see 8 Ghanaian footballers who dress ridiculously.

1. Fatau Dauda

Goalkeeper Fatau Dauda tries his best except sometimes he deviates totally. Sigh! An example can be seen in the photo below. We have to give it to him though, He has stepped up his fashion game in recent times.



2. Prince Tagoe

We understand the saying “young forever” but what is it with Ghanaian footballers and the gangster/American way of dressing?. We know sometimes it looks good but can’t these guys dress according to their age?



3. Samuel Inkoom

Most of the time he looks clean but sometimes, just sometimes, he disappoints and looks funny in what he wear. An example is in the photo below.



4. Asamoah Gyan

He seems like a narcissist, for instance, everything he wears has his name (BJ or Baby Jet) on it, some funny inscription or the number 3 on it. Dude, there is a whole world out there ….

asamoah gyan


5. John Mensah

As old as he is, he has the cornrow hairstyle, that is no crime but he keeps it unkempt. Even on his wedding day, he had an unkempt cornrow. Mini sane n3? tsk!



6. Sulley Muntari

Not different from the aforementioned, he’s also another “gangster” footballer, he goes “akata” all day. He even goes blonde sometimes … Lord Have Mercy!

sulley muntari


7. Stephen Appiah

He is the best-dressed Ghanaian footballer except sometimes he overdoes it. People keep complaining about his tight jeans. You can’t blame Stephen Appiah that much, staying in Italy for long may have contributed to his fashion statements.



8. Bonus: Emannuel Adebayor

Even though he is not a Ghanaian, he spends most of his time in Ghana. For a footballer worth over $80 Million, Adebayor’s fashion always look ridiculous. His stylist needs to be fired ASAP. I mean what the fuck is this [photo below]



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