We brought you some old photos of your favorite celebs in school uniform.

It got lots of interests, we’ve found a few photos of three very popular female celebs when they were just young and innocent.

This will be a trivia, help us identify the three women with the clues given below.


She owns a popular nightclub in Accra and Kumasi, she is mostly known as a socialite. She once dated a Ghanaian rapper. Who is she? She is the one on the left in the photo below.




She’s a popular TV and radio presenter. She’s very outspoken and mostly in the news for all the wrong reasons. She was recently rumored to have been arrested and has constant beef with another popular TV/Radio presenter. Who is she?




She recently got married, she’s a TV presenter, actress, an event host and recently joined one of the new radio stations as a radio presenter. She’s calm and trouble-free. Who is she? She is on the left in the photo below.



Kindly let us know by comments who these women are. You may want to see your favorite Ghanaian celebrities in school uniforms and also how they looked before fame here.