I know I’m about to stir a controversy pot but it must be said and who else to say it but us right.

This argument has been going on for years in relation to who is the best among former friends, Deloris Frimpong Manso a.k.a Delay and Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa a.k.a Afia Schwarzenegger.

After the fall-out between the two, Valentina claimed ownership of the name Afia Schwarzenegger and went on social media and even on TV to state that she’s the original Schwarzenegger. Ever since, the two have gone at each other on social media and in interviews but it seems like Delay left it to concentrate on business while madam continues at the least opportunity to state that she’s the best between them. But is she???

I bring you these five reasons why I believe Delay is better than Afia Schwarzenegger.

1. Delay is a business woman

Delay only concentrates on things that bring her money. She’s a radio presenter, hosts her own TV show, produces and directs her own TV which brought Valentina to fame ; Afia Schwarzenegger, has various products on the market, like Delay Mackerel etc.



2. She’s not a social media freak

Before, Delay was also into the social media thing, responding to issues here and there but she’s grown out of it lately. She’s just minding her business and making paper. Unlike Afia who will respond to basically everything even if it doesn’t have anything to do with her.




3. She keeps a low profile, Stays away from controversy

Delay has become very scarce lately. I don’t remember seeing her publicly in a while. I know she attends events but she keeps a low profile without trying to attract attention to herself. I guess she’s learnt from all the scandals and controversies. Afia on the other hand is trying to build her image around controversy. She’s either saying this or that, responding to one thing or the other and will not miss making her presence known when ever she steps out.

Afia Schwarzenegger/Instagram

Afia Schwarzenegger/Instagram


4. She has bragging rights over Afia because she brought her to the limelight

Whether Valentina wants to accept it or not, Delay brought her out though her show, Afia Schwarzenegger. Before Valentina’s appearance on the show, she was virtually unknown and nobody knew who she was. Her appearance on the show made her popular and got her that shine she now enjoys so whether she wants to accept, believe or not, she owes Delay some gratitude for that.

afia schwarzenegger


5. Valentina is trying so hard to be like her

From radio to TV shows, to sitcoms, it’s very obvious that Valentina or Afia Schwarzenegger is trying so very hard to be like her former friend. From Afia Schwarzenegger, Valentina went on to start her own, The Game which isn’t doing very well. She’s now also doing radio emulating the Delay demeanor. She also started her own TV show where she interviews her guests or discusses various topics with her panelists. Tell if that isn’t trying to be like someone else.?????

deloris frimpong manso delay


So the big question still remains? Who would you choose between Afia Schwarzenegger and Deloris “Delay” Manso. Vote below. (If you’re on mobile, click the “finger” to vote)