“Nigerian Women Don’t Know What True Love Is” – Nigerian Man (23), Set To Wed America Lady (46)

A Nigerian man is set to get married to his American lover, who is 46 years old.

Isa Suleiman who is 23 years of age, met 46 year old Janine Sanchez on Instagram. After constant talks for months, they fell in love and Janine flew over to Kano-Nigeria, to see her lover.


Speaking with BBC Pidgin, Isa criticized Nigerian women. He said:

“Di truth be say our women no sabi wetin be true love, it is either dem dey eye somthin or dem get plans but if white woman tell you say she love you, bros she mean am from di bottom of her heart.”

“We meet after i start to follow her for instagram and if she post pishure i go like am, den afta small time I come see say some Yahoo boys dey try scam her, so I send her message say make she no mind those pipo so dat tin come attract her, e show her say na honest pesin I be. Na dat one first attract her.”

“From dia we come dey chat wella, video calls and na all dat one lead us to this level wey we dey.”

Isa was of the opinion that Nigerian girls don’t know what genuine love is. They (Nigerian girls) enter relationship inn order to gain something, and not for love. Isa went ahead to say that his family has approved of the marriage and are happy about the union.


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