Alcoholic Monkey Bites 250 People, Kills One After Booze Runs Out

Kalua, is the name of the previously tamed, now violent alcoholic monkey that attacked and injured 250 people, leaving one dead in India.

According to Business Insider, the incident occurred in 2017 In Mirzapur, India.

The six-year-old monkey went savage after his former owner; an occultist died. The owner had been supplying Kalua with alcohol and monkey meat for years.

Alarm was raised after the incident and India’s forest and zoos authorities rushed to control the situation.

Kalua successfully escaped hunters and traps in the forest but he was soon captured, bringing to an end his biting spree.

However, his victims were either severely bitten or mutilated. Several young children were among those he tragically ripped off their faces with his fangs.

Many other victims required plastic surgery after the incident. Unfortunately, one of them succumbed to the injuries.

According to The Daily Mail, Kalua targeted his victims based on their height and appearance.  He preferred to attack women and young girls.

Kalua, the monkey who won’t eat vegetables. Source: Kanpur Zoological Park

He was taken Kanpur Zoological Park for rehabilitation.

However, it has been three years down the line yet he is still as aggressive as before and has been deemed too dangerous.

A zoologist at the facility said the monkey had even attacked more female zookeepers than males within the three years.

He also attacked other monkeys at every slight chance he got out of his cage.

Kalua will be spending his life in confinement, away from humans and fellow monkeys.

It is believed that the violence he depicts is as a result of his high dependence on alcohol and fellow monkey meat. These are things that he no longer has access to since his owner’s passing.






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