Your Residential Fees Won’t Be Refunded – Legon Management To Students

Students of the University of Ghana have been entreated to forgo parts of the 2019/2020 residential fees which were to be refunded to them as a compensation for not utilizing the facilities, following the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Head of Halls for the University, Dr. Charles Wiafe-Akenteng, has indicated that the amount paid by residents of the traditional halls is “insufficient,” preventing any major renovation to be undertaken in the halls.

This is in line with calls for refund of fees by some students of the Institution after educational institutions were asked to close down in the wake of COVID-19.


“If you ask me, the final decision does not rest with me alone because of my portfolio. But if you asked me, I would kindly and humbly appeal to donate that amount to various halls, to ensure that things are put right. That wouldn’t be a bad thing because we don’t have sufficient money from what students pay to keep the hall running. That is why we do just the basics and major things remain standard,” he said.


In an interview on Campus Exclusive, he mentioned that the university management only increases residential fees after Parliamentary approval.


“The University does not charge any fee that was not approved by Parliament. So whatever Parliament approves the last time, if it is not increased, we maintain that. So I don’t think it is factual that any traditional hall or UGEL has concluded an arrangement to increase accommodation fees,” Dr. Wiafe-Akenteng added.


Meanwhile, Ghana Hostels Limited (GHL) has announced that it will open an online portal for prospective applicants who are seeking accommodation in its hall of residence.

The portal which was to be opened on August 18, 2020, will be opened not later than August 21, for students to apply for rooms due to some challenges faced by the administration of the hall.

Source: Universe News Room


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