Popular Ghanaian actress cum socialite, Xandy Karmel, has painfully recounted several instances where she was sex-starved even though she lived under the same roof with her husband during their marriage.

Xandy said even during times she boldly requested sex or made the first move, she was turned down on several occasions.

xandy kamel ties the knot

Xandy Kamel and her estranged husband, Kaninja, went through a tempestuous marriage that was saddled with claims of infidelity on the part of the man.

Among other revelations, Xandy disclosed that she was married to a man who was emotionally unavailable as they lived like strangers.

As though that wasn’t enough, she has also disclosed that her sex became a strange word in their marriage.

“Whenever it’s time for us to have sex, it becomes a struggle. I don’t get it even if I request it. I can boldly count the number of times my husband and I had sex when we were together. I lived with my husband but I was sex-starved.” She told Kwaku Manu in an interview.

“Is it up to 20? Kwaku Manu asked.

“I’d be glad if it was,” Xandy responded.

Asked what kept her going despite all the challenges she faced in her marriage, Xandy Kamel said;

“I saw these red flags and I ignored them. I kept consoling myself that things will get better but they never were. My parents also kept encouraging me and I blindly stayed throughout that toxic marriage.”

Xandy however asserted that she has drawn a number of lessons from her past marriage that has molded her into a better person.

“I’ve learnt a lot of things including how to take care of myself. I have also learnt how to love myself more. I’ve learnt to put myself fist and never to ignore red flags.”

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