Xandy Kamel Expose Her Ex Husband “I Paid For Our Wedding With My Life Savings”

Actress Xandy Kamel has disclosed that she never experienced love and sexual satisfaction in a marriage she spent almost all her life savings on.

Xandy and husband

Xandy, the former wife of Sports presenter, Kaninja claims to have been the main financier of her wedding back in May 2020 but never enjoyed happiness or peace from the failed union.

“I spent a lot, a lot of my money went into it… in all these, my partner turned against me. He joined people to body-shame me. It really broke me, I felt like I have wasted money. It felt like marrying my enemy,” said Xandy in an interview with Kwaku Manu on the ‘Aggressive Show’.

The actress has revealed that she ignored all the red flags in her relationship because she was madly in love with her partner.

In the initial stages, she wasn’t alarmed when her husband failed to shower her with gifts.

Xandy never received a big surprise from Kaninja although she went all out to secure gifts for her husband. Her messy divorce has thought her a major lesson in life as she now prioritizes herself.

“Now my eyes are clear. I have become vigilant, all that is left for me is to stay hardworking to support my mother and siblings… I used to be more concerned about others. For that reason, I wasn’t focused on securing personal properties and helping the family. All my attention was on helping the man I was with. I couldn’t even buy panties for myself, I was instead shopping for my man,” said the actress.

She again acknowledged that certain mistakes from both partners resulted in the collapse of her marriage, however, she never disrespected her husband.

“There was immaturity in my marriage. There was pride, ego… things were done anyhow. I am not perfect but there is no way someone can say I disrespected my husband,” she insisted.


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