The 10 Worst Countries In The World To Be A Child Are All In Africa And It’s Sad

If you had a good childhood and upbringing, you’re richer than you think and you should be grateful. Many kids have it rough out there…

According to the Global Childhood report from the International NGO, Save The Children that ranks 176 countries based on where childhood is the most protected and where it’s the absolute worst, Norway, Slovenia and Finland ranked 1st while Chad, Niger, and the Central African Republic tailed the list.


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What’s sad is that all 10 bottom countries ranked worst were African countries; 7 of them being in West and Central Africa.

Here’s the list of the bottom worst:

Country (Rank)

167. Burkina Faso
168. DR Congo
169. Guinea
170. Nigeria
171. Somalia
172. South Sudan
173. Mali
174. Chad
175. Niger
176. Central African Republic

And now the list of the best ten countries:

1. Singapore
2. Sweden
3. Finland
3. Norway
3. Slovenia
6. Germany
6. Ireland
8. Italy
8. South Korea
10. Belgium

Surprisingly, the US ranked 36. Using government and UN data, researchers used indicators such as mortality for children under 5, malnutrition, access to schooling, child labor, early marriages, displacement from conflict and child homicide.

Even though there has been an improvement over the last two decades, still, the highest cases of mortality are in Africa whereby in countries like Chad, Niger, and the Central African Republic 10% of kids die before they reach the age of five.


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