Wontumi Tells Prempeh College To Put His Certificate In The Museum To Be Studied

Chairman for the New Patriotic Party in the Ashanti Region, Benard Antwi Boasiako known in the political circles as Chairman Wontumi says he’s asked the Headmaster of his school to keep his Certificate.

According to him, he has asked for it to be put in a museum to serve as an inspiration to academically weak students that they can make it in life without their certificates.

He made this known when he spoke to Accra-based YFM in an interview on his life’s journey to success.

“When I completed Prempeh College, I didn’t go for my certificate. But because I’ve become successful, Can you imagine, my headmaster from Prempeh College in the company of a few others reached out to me just to give me my certificate? I was grateful and humbled. I cried and prayed that day when I got home because there are a lot of people who have become destitute because they are unable to have a certificate but few people like us are successful without a certificate.

Even me not being able to go for my certificate, my school remembers me and reached out to give me my certificate but I asked them to keep it in a museum so it inspires others but I would go for it at the appropriate time,” he said in an interview with Accra-based Y FM.

He added, “if you are successful in life, people don’t realize your shortcomings. If I wasn’t successful in life, I would have been ridiculed for not being able to go back to my school and have my certificate”.

Source: My News GH


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