Women Who ‘Died And Came Back To Life’ Explain What The Afterlife Is Like

Two women who claim to have died and come back to life have spoken about their experiences – and they have some pretty interesting similarities.

Jessie Sawyer and Betty Eadie, who both live in the US, have opened up about their near death experiences and revealed what they saw after ‘dying’ while in hospital.

Women Who 'Died And Came Back To Life' Explain What The Afterlife Is Like

Speaking on Inside Edition, Jessie said she ended up in hospital gravely ill after complications from a surgery she had in 2013.

One night while lying in her hospital bed, Jessie said she was looking at the wall when she opened her eyes and then ‘they opened again’ and she was in a ‘misty room’.

While there, Jessie said she saw her friend who passed away and felt he was there to ‘take her home’.

She told the outlet:

“The light started off as this shimmer, and then it grew. I mean, maybe it was 15 feet away from me. I don’t really know because the light itself is limitless. It’s timeless.

“There’s no way you can describe it. It is the most profound, most unconditional love.”

Jessie says the experience changed her, explaining:

“When I started to kind of rejoin the world, I felt this intense love for everyone.

“And not that I was necessarily a selfish person beforehand, but you only really care about the people that you know.

“This new feeling was that I cared about everybody I saw, just the connection that I felt to everything… to wind, to sound, to plants, to animals, to humans, it was intensified.”

Her experiences are not a million miles away from what 78-year-old Betty said she saw following a hysterectomy when she was 31.

She told Inside Edition:

“I was in the recovery room and suddenly felt every drop of blood had drained from my body and then this sensation of my spirit coming out of body at tremendous speed. I looked down and saw my body lying on the bed.

“I knew I had died and thought, ‘oh my God, I’m dead’.”

Betty says she went through a ‘tunnel’ and saw Jesus – and was even left feeling slightly disappointed when she realised she would have to return to Earth.

She said: ​​

“I came back. I was not very happy about being back.

“My husband was very uncomfortable. He heard me and he listened, but he was very uncomfortable. He was a Southern Baptist. And so this was just way out of his spiritual upbringing.”

Both Jessie and Betty say their brush with the afterlife has left them unafraid of death, with Betty saying: “I want to go back.”


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