This Woman With ‘Two Vaginas’ Says She Uses One For Work And One For Personal Sex

Bringing a whole new meaning to not mixing work with pleasure, this OnlyFans star has shared what it is like to have two vaginas where she uses one professionally and the other for personal sex.

Adult content creator Evelyn Miller didn’t find out until the age of 20 that she’d been born with two vaginas and two wombs.

The 31-year-old from Queensland, Australia, began working in the sex industry after a relationship breakdown and made sure she kept one vagina for use in her work, and one for her personal life – which seems rather efficient.

She explained:

“I worked as an independent escort for about seven years travelling around the world.

“I was able to use one vagina for work and one vagina for my personal life, which made the work a lot easier emotionally and physically for me.”

After stopping doing that, she moved over to OnlyFans and began creating adult content which earns her $75,000 USD (£54,829) per month.

Evelyn puts her success down to having two vaginas but says there are plenty of downfalls that she has to think about due to having them.

woman with two vaginas


They include: putting two tampons in when she is on her period, having both vaginas tested for STDs when she visits the gynaecologist – and even where her partner can ejaculate while they are having sex.

Speaking about ejaculation, she explained:

“Theoretically, I could carry two babies at once if I wanted – but it would be hard for my body, so we have had to be careful in that sense.

“Sex in each vagina feels very, very different I prefer one side but it depends on the position and shape of the guy as to which one I choose to have sex in.

“Having two vaginas has made my sex life a lot of fun – we can have sex in one side and use a toy in another, and there are all sorts of positions and things I can try.

“They both feel very different to me so I’ve been finding out what I like and don’t like on each side.”

She continued:

“I don’t wish that I only had one vagina. Having two has made my sex life more fun, and I think it’s important to embrace all bodies – we can all be so different.”


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