Woman Strangles, Kills Newborn She Sired While Husband Was Away

Police in Rachuonyo East Sub-County are looking for a woman, 26, who allegedly strangled and killed her day-old newborn baby she reportedly sired with someone other than her husband.

According to a police report, the woman who hails from Opiyo Village is believed to have buried the baby alive after her husband allegedly threatened her.

Witnesses said that the husband who has been away from the wife for more than a year was informed of his wife’s pregnancy.

The husband had warned her of serious consequences for siring with another man.

The police statement says the woman gave birth on Monday. But she later on strangled the baby with a piece of cloth.

She proceeded to bury the baby although there were speculations that it might still have been alive when it was buried.

Relatives confronted her until she revealed where she had buried the newborn.

The body was exhumed and reburied near its mother’s homestead.

Local authorities, Kokwanyo East Sub-location Assistant chief confirmed the incident.



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