This Woman Makes $70,000 A Week Selling Her Farts To Strangers

A reality TV star has been raking in the cash with her bizarre side hustle; and it’s not for the faint hearted.

Stephanie Matto built an impressive following on social media after she appeared on the show 90 Day Fiancé. The show is kind of like Married At First Sight, where unlikely people are paired together to see whether they can walk down the aisle after spending three months together.

With a much larger audience at her fingertips, she ended up getting into the professional farting game.


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Yes, you read that correctly. Stephanie is now the proud seller of farts inside a jar.

She bottles up her flatulence in a glass mason jar, seals the top shut and then mails the package out to one of her supporters for a cheeky AUD$1,400 each.

Ms Matto explained how she gets her body ready to pump out a load of gas.

She said she likes to eat some beans (ah, the magical fruit), a protein muffin, hard-boiled eggs, a protein shake and some yoghurt for breakfast.

All those ingredients apparently combine in her stomach to not only produce a lot of flatulence, but also some proper pungent smells.

But she’s also recently started adding a nice little element to her product.


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