27-Year-Old Woman Jailed 10 Years For Killing Fiance For Drinking Her Grasscutter Soup

A 27-year-old Ghanaian lady will spend the next 27 years of her life in prison in hard labour for killing her lover over a grasscutter soup.

The High Court in Sunyani, presided over by Her Ladyship Justice Mavis Akua Ando, found Hilda Asumani Embro guilty of the crime and sentenced her accordingly.

The convict, who is a resident of Abesim in the Sunyani Municipality of the Bono Region, stabbed Prince Yaw Aboagye multiple times with a pair of scissors in his neck and chin area, causing him to bleed profusely to death.

woman grasscutter fiance

She was unhappy because her lover alone had eaten the said grasscutter soup she had prepared for the whole family.

She was later arrested and charged with manslaughter before she was found guilty of the offence.

The convict and the 30-year-old deceased had been dating for over six years before the unfortunate incident.

It is reported that the couple had misunderstandings in the recent past, but their immediate families helped to resolve them and they resumed their normal love life.

In other news, a worried woman has disclosed that her fiancé’s father has been disturbing her with calls at night and sending her photos of himself, saying her curvaceous body turns him on.

According to the lady, the old man has been pestering her since the first day she was introduced to him, and he complimented her curves, saying

“my son has good eyes for good women, you took after your dad”.

She disclosed this in a letter to AJ Akuoko-Sarpong, the host of Citi FM/Citi TV’s Sister Sister show.

She said that the situation is so frustrating that she has decided to avoid attending the fiancé’s family gatherings in order to evade the potential father-in-law.

Read the full details of her letter below:

“My fiancé and I have dated for 2 years and both families know and approve of our being together. The first time I met with his dad, he complimented my curves and made the remark ‘My son has good eyes for good women, you took after your dad’.

“At the time everyone laughed about this and I brushed it off.

Little did I know that he was actually crushing on me and making advances toward me. For example, I visited the house one afternoon, and unbeknown to me my fiancé wasn’t in. His dad hugged me whilst making the comment ‘I can hug you all day and never get tired of it’.

“You should have seen the surprised look on my face.

His actions keep escalating when he purchased very revealing lingerie. It’s gotten to the point where he calls at ungodly hours, sends pictures of himself and constantly tells me that I turn him on and he can’t wait to have me. “All this is making me uncomfortable.

“I decided to stop attending gatherings held in their home and my Fiancé is angry about it.

“Sisters, I’ve decided to stop attending gatherings at the house which my fiance is angry about but the sensual way he looks at me makes me sick.

“Andy (my fiancé) believes his dad is the most disciplined man ever and I don’t know how to break this news to him.

Sisters, what should I do?” said the letter that was read on Thursday, August 4, 2022 edition of the relationship show.

Meanwhile, the penelists on the show advised her to reveal the old man’s conduct to her fiancé before it’s too late.


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