Special Delivery! Woman Gives Birth On Flight From Accra To Washington DC

WASHINGTON — Thirty thousand feet above the Atlantic Ocean, a United flight crew was facing a situation. A passenger was in labor.

And they were still thousands of miles from their destination: Washington D.C.

The crew launched into action.

united ariline baby washington

A doctor on the flight teamed up with one of the flight attendants, who was a trained nurse, to successfully deliver the baby. Hours later, mom and baby are doing well, United Airlines said. They were met with gifts from United once the flight touched down at Dulles International Airport. The flight was coming from Accra, Ghana.

In a card for the mother, United staff wrote,

“On behalf of the United Team at Washington Dulles, congratulations on your new baby boy!”

Kimberly Gibbs, a spokesperson for United Airlines, said the mother and baby were taken to an area hospital upon arrival Sunday.


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