Woman Falls From 5th floor Of A Kilimani Apartment While Cleaning

36-year-old Carolyne Mulei, was cleaning the house’s windowpanes when she slipped and hit her head. According to authorities, she was admitted to the hospital in severe condition.

Kilimani police boss Muturi Mbogo said the woman slid as she cleaned the premises along Ndemi Road on Tuesday.

Woman Falls From 5th Floor

He added the woman is in stable condition in hospital. In Kayole, police said they are investigating the death of a 42-year-old whose body was found in her bed by her husband who was lying next to her.

The couple had supper on Monday and went to bed but Anne Wambui failed to wake up when the man tried to wake her.

The man told police he realised she was unresponsive Tuesday morning.

The body was moved to the mortuary as investigations go on.

Elsewhere, the rotting body of a woman who had been missing for a week was found in her house in Kayole, Nairobi.

Police said they were called by neighbours and informed the body of the woman aged about 40 and identified as Mama Zawadi had been found in the house.

She stayed alone and efforts are being made to get her relatives for processing the body.

And a man is on the run after he stabbed and killed his girlfriend in a domestic brawl in Mihango, Kayole, Nairobi.

The body of the woman was found in the house minutes after the assailant had escaped the scene.

Witnesses told police the assailant threatened to harm or kill those who tried to go and rescue the deceased woman before he escaped the scene.

Police said they are also investigating an incident where the body of a man was found on the roadside in Tassia.

Anthony Wambua is said to have been killed elsewhere and the body dumped at the site. The body was moved to the mortuary.

Meanwhile, police are looking for a man who stabbed and killed a 35-year-old woman in an attack in Pangani, Nairobi.

Flowrence Mwinzi who handled roadside foods was on duty Tuesday evening when two men approached her and stabbed her in the chest before escaping on foot. The gang escaped and dropped the killer knife, which was later handed over to the police.

Police say they do not know the motive of the attack and that a hunt for the gang is ongoing.

Police also said a 50-year-old man drowned in Ngong River in Lungalunga slums in an incident.

Paul Muoki was in the company of a friend and had tried to cross the river that runs through the slum when the incident happened on Monday night. His body was retrieved downstream and taken to the mortuary.

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