This Woman Caught Boyfriend Cheating And Injected Hot Pepper Oil Into His Condoms To Punish Him

A woman who discovered that her boyfriend was cheating on her with a friend got the ultimate revenge by injecting chili oil into his condoms.

Agustah, 29, thought she had finally found her dream man after they were together for two-years.

However, she then realized that he was secretly dating her close friend at the same time, after she unearthed some flirty messages between the two.

Woman Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating pepper

The ‘heartbroken’ business owner, from Texas, decided revenge was a dish best served hot – and she injected her cheating beau’s condoms with extra spicy habanero oil in an attempt to get him back for his betrayal.

And after he got hurt from the condom, she used habanero-infused ice to nurse the wounds – leaving him screaming in pain.

Agustah said:

‘In the beginning he was a dream, a gentleman. He was really nice to me and I fell hard for him.

‘I had my suspicions he was cheating when I found condoms in his car but he said he had them before we met and never got around to throwing them away.

‘I didn’t believe him and went through his phone to discover chatting with my friend who I had known for over five years.

‘I was heartbroken. Seeing the man I trusted and thought he was different hurt me and really broke my spirit.’

The chocolate company owner wanted to teach him a harsh lesson, and she began plotting her revenge.

She then became inspired while eating hot food, and decided to scorn the womanizer – while also catching him in the act – by putting some spices that she found in her kitchen into his condoms using a syringe.

And after his genitals started burning, Agustah said the ‘clown’ claimed that it was his shower gel that had made them irritated.

Agustah then decided to use ice covered in more spices to help sooth the wounds, which resulted in him finally coming clean.

She continued:

‘I used a syringe to inject habanero oil in his condoms.

‘Two days later, this clown comes home holding his private area telling me he was at the gym and used a shower gel that is currently irritating his penis.

‘I played along and told him to lay down while I went to get ice.

‘I like spicy cocktails and always made spicy ice to enhance the flavors. I took the ice cubes, put them in a face towel and helped him cool off.

‘After a while he started screaming and said the ice was making it worse.

‘I couldn’t stop laughing so he caught on and asked me what I had done. I told him and he confessed to having an affair with my friend and apologized.’

Agustah blocked her ex-friend on social media, however, she decided to forgive her boyfriend and give him one more chance.

But, after he was caught cheating for a second time, she broke things off for good.

She then decided to punish the adulterer once again, and turned up to his graduation as his dad’s date – which left him in tears.

She added:

‘I was really close with his family and when they found out, his mom offered I go to the graduation as his dad’s date as they were divorced.

‘I never actually dated his dad. My ex was furious and cried his eyes out as he walked the stage to collect his degree.

‘I am doing great now. I have since moved on from him and I know he was toxic for me.’


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