This Wife Realized She Was Lesbian After Arranging Threesoome For Husband’s Birthday

A WOMAN has revealed how she divorced her husband after realizing she is a lesbian when she organized a threesome with him and another woman for his birthday.

Mother-of-two Rose, 36, claims she was left suicidal after her husband outed her to her conservative Catholic family and she has now been written out of her parents’ will.

Yet she claims she was saved by meeting her girlfriend Jacqui and moved from California to Oregon where she now raises her two sons.

lesbian wife threesome

Rose has amassed more than 132,000 followers on her TikTok account Raising2Activists, where she describes herself as a “late-blooming lesbian” and a mental health activist.

She details her new openly gay life after claiming that the threesome experience made her release that her relationship with a man was “shallow.”

Rose told the New York Post that she was always unhappy in her marriage but couldn’t explain why.

In 2020, she decided to organize the threesome as a birthday treat for her husband.

Yet she says that the experience made her realize what she was missing. “Experiencing that intimate interaction with a woman for the first time, the physical and emotional depth was [so intense],’ she told the Post.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is what’s been missing.’

“After being with that woman, I said to myself, ‘This is why I’ve been so unhappy in my marriage,'” she added.

“My relationship with my husband, emotionally, felt so shallow and lonely compared to my connection with the woman.”

Rose, who now identifies as an atheist, says that she had been raised to believe “all gays go to hell.”

Yet despite her strict Catholic upbringing, she couldn’t deny how she felt toward other women. The TikToker alleged that he husband “got really nasty” when she admitted the truth.

“After I told my husband about my feelings after my experience with the woman, he got really nasty,” she said.

“He outed me to my very conservative parents, our mutual friends, and our Bible study group.”

Rose admitted that she purchased a gun and contemplated suicide after the outing but was saved when she met Jacqui.

The couple has now been dating for more than a year.

However, Rose remains estranged from her family after coming out.

“It feels so free to finally live authentically,’ she concluded.


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