Wife Sparks Huge Debate Online After Catching Husband Scrolling Through Videos Of Women

A wife on TikTok has sparked a debate on relationship boundaries after she caught her husband scrolling through videos of women on his phone.

The woman (@lyjones0) who noticed her hubby sitting on the coach having a bit of a scroll captioned the vid: “My husband forgot we got a second floor balcony (laughing emoji).”

Although the TikToker playfully shoots a Nerf gun at her man in a follow-up vid, it appeared that the comments section was divided.

wife catches husband scrolling

Some thought it was hilarious she ‘caught’ her husband in the act, while others thought he was in the wrong.

One disgruntled user wrote:

“My comment won’t go over well lol but I think it’s 100 percent disrespectful.”

Another commented:

“I’d rather be single than pretend to laugh at this happening.”

A third added:

“I wouldn’t even complain to him about it. I’d just slowly start losing my feelings for him and care less every time.”

However, others weren’t feeling the same way.

One wrote: “Leave him alone..you do NOT own him.”

Someone else joked:

“Am I the only wife who doesn’t care if my hubby looks.

“I mean heck I be up here looking too.”

Another added: “Honest question, do you ladies look at the guys on this app?

“If so then don’t be mad when he does. for me I dnt care if he looks. I have no worries.”

Others were more interested with the impressive home that the couple lived in.

One user asked:

“Forget what he’s looking at. It’s that fireplace for me! Where did you get it??!!”

Another simply commented: “That fireplace tho…”

Well if it’s not catching your hubby looking at his phone, a sex therapist has revealed the number one thing that turns women off.

In a post to her Instagram account, Starielle Hope said the biggest no-no is ‘constantly seeking approval’.

Going into more detail, she wrote:

“Be fully you. Be willing to hold a boundary, to say ‘no’ when something doesn’t feel right.

“This doesn’t mean getting defensive in the face of feedback or criticism and needing to be ‘right’.

But it does mean staying connected to your deeper wisdom in the face of feminine desires, fears, or chaos.

“We need your strength, we need your structure, we need you to be truly you, not the man you think we want.”


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