This Widow And Mother Shot Dead At Husband’s Funeral After Family Blamed Them For His Death

A woman and her relatives were shot at her husband’s funeral after being blamed for the deceased’s death.

Benita Okwuibe lost her husband Onyedika Jeremiah, 33, last year after battling an ailment said to be “elephantiasis”.

The couple had been married for less than one year when the tragedy occurred. At Onyedika Jeremiah’s funeral on Thursday, January 13, in Anambra state, Benita, who is from Enugu State, Nigeria was shot alongside her mother and co-wife at the burial venue.

A friend, who made the claim on Facebook, said Benita’s mother and co-wife died while Benita is in critical condition in the hospital.

The friend claimed Benita was shot because her late husband’s relatives blamed her for his death.

Benita’s Facebook posts show her mourning her late husband after his death last December.


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