Why The Dragon Fruit Has Been Trending On TikTok

If you are into social media then you have most definitely come across videos of the dragon fruit.

This bad boy has been trending all over TikTok and netizens can’t get enough of it. So why is a mere fruit trending online?

If you are not familiar with it the dragon fruit is tropical fruit native to Mexico and central America.

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It comes from the pitahaya cactus, and has a leathery red, pink, or yellow skin studded with green scale-like bracts and red or white flesh with a distinctive taste.

As a matter of fact, the fruit taste like a combination of a mango, kiwi perhaps and a pear.

Netizens are entranced by the fruit because they are just now discovering it is a very strong natural laxative. Yes, you read that correctly.

TikTok users are now obsessed with the red and yellow dragon fruit because of its ability to help alleviate constipation and the sheer fact that it has been noted to help with weight loss.

The yellow dragon fruit has glistening white flesh with black seeds while its sister the red dragon fruit comes in a deep fuchsia or white hue with edible black seeds.

Both are well known for sending one to the washroom for minutes on end.

The fruits contain almost 5 grams of fiber for every six-ounce serving. Most of the fiber in dragon fruit is soluble fiber, which dissolves in water, softening stools and acting like a sponge to carry cholesterol out of the body.

Eating this fruit may also ease constipation due to of course its high fiber content that will help things move along in your gut in no time.

Netizens have been sharing videos of themselves eating from slices to the whole fruit just to see how crazy they will have it with the fruit.

At this point more people are just joining in out of sheer fomo and just to share their stories as well.

Some are going as crazy as having 2 whole dragon fruits just to see how bad they will have it in the washrooms. Self inflicting torture, such a gen z thing huh!

Have you tried the dragon fruit yet?

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