Why I wish Raila Won 2013 Poll – ex-IEBC Chair Hassan

Former IEBC chairman Issack Hassan has disclosed that it was his wish that Raila Odinga wins the March 2013 presidential poll.

Speaking on Wednesday, Hassan said this was because of his relationship with the former PM at the time.

He noted that Raila played a big role in his rise to become boss of the electoral agency, despite some people trying to sabotage his appointment as a member of the Constitutional Review Commission.

“I have a lot of respect for the prime minister and in my first job as a commissioner of the Constitutional Review Commission, he was chairman of the parliamentary select committee on the constitution. They interviewed us and I was among those selected from North Eastern. That is one thing I always give him credit for because there were attempts to try and meddle with our nomination but he refused,” Hassan said.

Raila Odinga with former IEBC chairman Issack Hassan.

He added that he would also have wanted Kenyans to experience a Raila Odinga presidency.

This he, however, said is not the case as he announced Uhuru Kenyatta (retired) as the winner.

Hassan noted that it was a low moment for him, but this was the will of the people of Kenya and he had no choice.

“I became chairman of IIEC with his support and then IEBC with his support. If there’s anyone I have respect and gratitude for it is him and I really would have wished him to win the election and become our president because we needed to taste his presidency.

“As chairman of the electoral commission, I only announced the will of the people. It was a very difficult time for me, but what can you do?” he said on Citizen TV.

Following the result, Raila and his allies began attacks on the commission, including protests across Nairobi, calling for their ouster.

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