Why I Built Penthouse On Rental Building – Owner Of Viral Zimmerman House

The landlady behind the Zimmerman peculiar construction that went viral on the internet has opened up about what inspired her to do so.

Kenyans noted the owner had built herself a penthouse on rental apartments as some criticised the house while others weighed in on its safety.

Speaking exclusively to Citizen TV, Elaine Ombasi said she needed a place she would call home while at the same time generating extra income for herself.

She further noted that the plan was to kill two birds with one stone.

Zimmerman's 'Penthouse'
Zimmerman’s ‘Penthouse’

Having been born and raised in Zimmerman, the area was her best choice for her to buy a plot of land and do her construction because it would also give her an opportunity to see her friends.

“I have seen this house trending everywhere and I was shocked at first but now I am going with the flow,” she said.

“I wanted a house to live in and also I wanted something to make extra income and that’s how I got an idea whereby apartments would be on the bottom and then on top, I would build my house,” she said.

The house which took four years to construct and which was completed in June this year has 40 bedsitters which are fully occupied.

She said when she came up with the idea, she contacted her builder they discussed the plan and he assured her that it was achievable.

“He told me it is possible, he told me about the cost, how long it will take and what we expect and he surely delivered it,” she said.

She further noted that her choice to stay on top of the building together with her husband was to assure her tenants that the building was safe for occupation.

Ombasi said she invested a lot in the foundation of the building to ensure it was firm enough, dealt with qualified personnel and ensured the materials used in the construction were above board.

“For me to be up here is to tell them that I trust it as the owner. My husband and I as the owners when we are up here it is like reassuring everybody that this building is stable,” Ombasi said.

“The penthouse is very private, it is very quiet because I am on top and there is a gate here. The perimeter wall is very firm and stable and it is stone where even if they do their parties or I do my parties no one can hear each other.”

She has called on those who are interested in doing so to go ahead noting the idea is doable as long as they have the finances and good contractors who will deliver.

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