WhatsApp For iPhone Gets Three New Features That’ll Make Android Users Jealous

The iOS version of WhatsApp has been updated to version 22.2.75 and with this update, it is bringing along a bunch of new features and inclusions on the app.

Highlighted first by 9to5Mac, one of the most noteworthy inclusion is the ability to pause and resume a voice recording — something that wasn’t really possible on WhatsApp earlier.

The feature has been in the works for quite some time and has been under testing since October. However, it is finally going live for all WhatsApp users now. It was also recently spotted being tested on the desktop version of the app.

whatsapp iphone new features

Another noteworthy update in the recent update has got to do with the ‘Focus Mode’ on Apple’s iOS — the mode allows users to filter work/personal notifications at particular times instead of being bombarded by every possible notification.

And now WhatsApp notifications have also added proper support to Focus Mode which will filter select individuals as per your customisation.

The recent iOS update of WhatsApp has also introduced another feature that it has been working on for quite some time — the ability to show profile pictures of the sender in the notifications. The latest update now shows the profile image of the sender right next to the message they’ve sent, in the notification tray.

In order to try these features, make sure you’re on WhatsApp version 22.2.75 or above. In case you haven’t gotten the features despite the latest app version, wait for some time as the features could be rolling out gradually, in stages.


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