We Are Galamsey Boys, Not Robbers – Men Spotted With Guns In Viral Video Speak Up

A video went viral which gave a sorry account of some guys who were confidently brandishing guns they have in their possession and boasting about their abilities.

When Ghanaians came into contact with the said video, eyebrows were raised and many called for their immediate arrest.

The hysteria that accompanied the reaction of Ghanaians stems from the growing state of insecurity in the country where armed robbers are emboldened such that they are ready to carry out their operations in the full glare of the public.

While they have been reports that one of the guys in the viral video was arrested by the police, they have come out to clear the air, clear their names and also rain curse on bloggers.

According to them, they provide security to galamsey sites in the Upper West Region and are not into any shady or illegal deals. According to them, they find publications suggesting that they are criminals quite incriminating and believe bloggers who wrote the stories they claim are untrue deserve to die.

They have shared a video where they are seen raining curses. They went through the traditional ritual of affecting a curse and stated unequivocally that bloggers who have written or publicized their video suggesting that they are robbers will not live.

While two wrongs do not make right, these guys are very much unperturbed; that is if the story they are telling is factual.

Source: GH Base


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