We Funded Wajackoyah’s Manifesto Launch To Irritate Ruto – Mutahi Ngunyi

Former president Uhuru Kenyatta’s technical advisor Mutahi Ngunyi has revealed tactics that a part of the former government exploited in attempt to cripple William Ruto’s presidential bid.

According to Ngunyi, Uhuru, who then had already thrown his weight behind opposition leader Raila Odinga, was aware of the attempts to puncture Ruto’s pace in wooing the electorate in the run-up to the 2022 polls.

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Some of the strategies allegedly used include sponsoring presidential aspirant George Wajackoya’s manifesto launch and it was deliberately scheduled to clash with Kenya Kwanza’s manifesto launch.

“I got a little bit of it from the friends of Uhuru Kenyatta and we funded Wajackoyah’s launch and the way we did it is that we wanted it to happen on the same day that Ruto was doing his launch,” he told NTV in an interview.

“…Our thinking is that Ruto is of a choleric temper so I wanted to do this as a way of irritating him so that when you have half screens on the TVs.”

Intimating the political spat between Uhuru and Ruto, Ngunyi recounted that his bank accounts were frozen just after confronting Uhuru to support Ruto and later meeting the former DP at his Karen home.

“Uhuru’s argument was that this would end up hurting some of us and I said in any case you will not be running for president what’s the problem with it, let us do it and at least propel your deputy into office,” he said.

“But when I did that I was actually asked to stop, at some point my accounts were frozen two times.” 

This lies on the backdrop of his defection to President Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza camp, citing that he has changed his opinions on the president.

“Public notice: I have defected to William Ruto. I misjudged him using the dynasty lens. But if the facts change, you must change your mind. And only a fool does not change his mind. I started Project #HustlerNation. Now I must complete it. Iko Swali? #RutosMountainPlan,” Ngunyi wrote on the X social media platform. 

Nyunyi sought to clarify that his defection should not be confused as being part of the Kenya Kwanza government but rather a supporter of the “idea of the Hustler Nation”.

“I think after KK came to power, they abandoned the whole ideology and the movement of the Hustler Nation that drove them into power. I have come to drive it,” he said.

“You know I’m not a politician. I am a political scientist. I’m a man of thoughts, not a man of political action. So I have defected to the idea of the Hustler Nation, especially because I started it.”

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