“Wanatutoroka Sana” Kenyan Short Stature Men Say As They Plead with Women for Love

Kenyan short stature men have come out to open up about their struggles in finding love and shared women keep ghosting them.

Four of them, among them the president of the Short Stature Society Joakim Mwangi shared their experiences on how women have handled them after seeing how they look.

In an interview the short stature men narrated that they also desire to be loved despite the pain they have been put through.

The former president of the organisation Joseph Maina alias Sonko Junior shared that they mostly receive heartbreaks and disappointments.

“Personally, I cannot think that I will date someone short from our organisation, actually, since I want to challenge them, I would go for a taller lady. Right now, the person I am dating is very tall and very huge,” he said.

He also explained that there are women who have only agreed to date them because they are either famous or because they want to have an experience and see how big we are before going to tell others.

Their president also urged Kenyan women to give them a chance adding that they are responsible men who will ake good husbands and dads.

“These people will treasure the chance because of the things they have gone through and the cost they pay to find that person,” he said.

Joakim also encouraged people with short stature to go for partners who love them as opposed to them having feelings for those people.

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