This Viral Video Shows Woman Finds A Human Penis In Her Tuo Zaafi

A shocking video of a human penis-like object found by a woman has left netizens disgusted. Shared on various social media platforms, the video shows the woman showing the questionable object that she found in the packet of food that she bought from a street food vendor.

The video shows the woman showing a piece of meat that she found in her Tuo Zaafi, which is a staple food in Ghana. Made with grains and meat, the food is easily available in street food stalls and the woman bought the dish from there only. However, she was in for a shock after discovering the human penis-like object.

The woman also requested netizens to carefully inspect the food items bought from street stalls before consuming them.

Check out the video:


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Sickening, right? You are not the only one who thinks so. The video has garnered several comments asking the woman to report the matter to the police.


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