Viral Video Of A Man Beating His Wife And Child Was A Tanzanian Movie

A video of a man tossing a child across the sitting room and at the same time assaulting the wife has been the center of discussions on social media platforms, with a majority of users condemning his actions.

According to reports making rounds, the couple was engaged in a domestic fight after the man accused his wife of infidelity, further claiming that he was not the biological father to the alleged four-year-old.

The video showed the suspect beating his wife with what looked like a belt before picking their son laying next to her and tossing him against the wall.

However, it has emerged that the video is from a Swahili movie shot in the neighbouring Tanzania.

The movie titled Sitamani Kuolewa Tena, (I don’t want to be married again) shows the exact scene where the infuriated man picks a fight with his wife and the couple ends up in a violent altercation.

The man – after assaulting his wife for minutes, heads to where the child was laying on the floor, picks the baby and throws him against the wall and continues beating his wife.

The video had been widely circulated in Kenya with a section of social media users alleging that it was part of the CCTV footage of a 23-year-old man from Murang’a County who is in custody over allegations of killing their four-month old child.

The Murang’a incident, according to police, happened on Tuesday, January 25, and the case reported by the suspect’s father.

The video elicited anger from Kenyans online with people perceiving the scene from the movie to be the actual footage. However, this was not the case.

“I too saw the video. I wonder why one should reach this devastating character of anger and smash an innocent soul against the wall. Anger can be controlled by walking away in protest. Such are acts of evil which should be punished. May the soul of innocent toto rest in eternal life,” read one of the comments online.


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