The 14 Most Violent Crimes Committed In Ghana

The Ghana Public Safety and Crime Report (BPS Watch) report released by the Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) has revealed the list of the most violent crimes committed in Ghana.

The report showed that violent crime-related deaths were the second highest after transportation-related deaths. The use of a gun was the most dominant offensive weapon used in the commission of violent crimes in 2019.


The report broadly categorized public safety issues into ten categories (index) namely; crime, violent crime, fires related incidents (industrial or workplace), transportation-related incidents, civil disturbances, and police officer casualties.

It also took into consideration the casualties that occurred under each case by recording injuries and deaths where they arose.

Data collected for the report comprise of data spanned from January 1 to December 31, 2019.

1. Murder/Manslaughter

2. Aggravated Assault

3. Armed Robbery

4. Illegal Mining/Galamsey

5. Kidnapping

6. Sexual Assault

7. Illegal Arms Possession

8. Mob Justice

9. Human Trafficking

10. Arson

11. Murder Attempt

12. Jail Break

13. Kidnap Attempt

14. Robbery Attempt


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