Video: Traffic Police Threatened By Boss During Impromptu Stop Over

A police boss recently caught a traffic policewoman red-handedly violating police protocol and he threatened to arrest her.

According to the boss who was recorded in a video that surfaced on Monday, the cops have been using personal vehicles to patrol their assigned areas, something that is against their conduct.

The man who was behind the wheel identified himself as Traffic Commandant Samuel Kimaru.

He threatened to arrest the lady cop for her alleged negligence but made up his mind.

“Go tell your OCPD I was here and I said you should not use personal cars for patrol. If I take your number, you will be shocked by where you will end up,” Kimaru said.

According to the boss, the authorities had taken action in a similar incident and warned that there could be more serious consequences for such actions.

“You heard what we did last time? We do not want to encourage anything like that,” he noted.

Back on Monday, February 24, Police Inspector-General Hillary Mutyambai announced that static traffic officers will be ejected from Kenyan roads and that they would be replaced by mobile traffic officers.

According to Mutyambai, it was not right for the cops to be stuck at one point the whole day.

“We have realized that the way we’ve been doing traffic is not the right way…officers are not going to be static in one area the whole day,” he stated.

Owing to that, he reported that the vehicles would be marked with serial numbers 1-38 and with identifiable routes.

The vehicles will also be provided with the registration numbers and the names of the officers.

Below is the video:


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