Victoria Hammah “Bridget Otoo Is A Good Cook, Her Husband Will Have A Lot To Eat”

A former deputy communications minister, Victoria Hammah, is the latest to join the discussions about the cooking skills of Bridget Otoo’s new husband.

According to Victoria, the TV presenter is a very good cook thus her husband has nothing to worry about.

bridget otoo

After news of Bridget Otoo’s marriage to Dr. Evans Ago Tetteh was made public, a 2021 tweet of the broadcaster announcing that her goal was to marry a Ghanaian man who can cook and wash for her resurfaced online.

“I’m looking for a Ghanaian man, marriageable material who can cook and clean 24/7 to marry,” her tweet dated December 5, 2021 read.

However, many people have questioned whether Dr. Ago Tetteh fits into Bridget’s dream man description.

Ghanaian musician and presenter, Blakk Rasta, in his message to the couple advised the broadcaster’s husband to sign up for a cooking lesson if he can’t cook.

“I hope @Bridget_Otoo’s husband can WASH and COOK. Else…Catering school would help… I wish you success, bro,” he tweeted.

Responding to this, the new bride said “He can’t cook, not even rice. Sponsor my cooking lessons.”

But wading into the issue on Sunday, Victoria Hammah has revealed that Bridget is a very good cook.

Her post on Facebook reads, “If there’s one thing I know Bridget Otoo knows how to do very [well] – it’s cooking and eating her meals so dudes don’t worry wai, her husband will have a lot to eat. Aaba!”




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