Madam Veronica Bekoe, Inventor Of ‘Veronica Bucket’ Loses Patent To Another Person

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This is Mrs. Veronica Ayele Bekoe.

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Mrs Veronica Bekoe | Photo:

She is a biological scientist, who is known for her brilliant innovation that has become the talk of the town in the coronavirus outbreak in Ghana — the “Veronica Bucket.”

Since the bucket gained prominence in the country amidst the coronavirus outbreak, she had granted several interviews for her contribution.

Mrs Veronica Bekoe, 76, invented the prototype almost three decades ago in the form of an aluminium bucket with a tap attached to its lower part which provides running water for handwashing.

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Mrs Bekoe told Graphic that she had begun the process of registering her invention at the Registrar General back in the day but the bureaucracy involved coupled with the demanding nature of her job did not allow her to go through with it.

Though her intention is not to enrich her self at the back of the ravaging virus that has already killed many, she would like to set the record straight that she owns the intellectual property of the Veronica Bucket.

“However, my call is to set out the fact that the invention is mine,” she told the Daily Graphic newspaper.

In a separate interview on UTV, Mrs Bekoe mentioned that she went back to the Registrar General to get her patent but she was told it was under someone else’s name.

She, however, is happy that her invention is contributing to healthcare delivery in Ghana.

Mrs Bekoe is also seeking help from the government to getting back her patent.

Credit: MyJoyOnline


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