Unable To Afford Rent, This Man Moves Into His Office Desk At Work

The obscenely high cost of living in some parts of the world has affected millions of people across the globe, especially ever since the Coronavirus pandemic began. While many opened up about low wages, others lost their jobs altogether which further led to a crisis.

As a solution to the problem of not being able to afford the high cost of living while earning a low salary, this one guy came up with a bizarre idea. Office-goer Simon has gone viral after he moved into his work cubicle.

moves to cubicle work

He claimed that his company does not pay him enough to afford rent, according to a TikTok video. In the now-viral video, Simon is seen unpacking his belongings into his office cubicle.

He has now built a dedicated following on the platform by sharing daily updates from his new living space.

“This is me taking all of my belongings from multiple bags and unpacking them. I’m moving from my apartment into my cubicle at work. They do not pay me enough to do both, so as a matter of protest, I am just going to live at my job and we’ll see how long I can get away with this,” he is heard saying in a clip.

In another clip, Simon explains that most of his co-workers work from home due to the COVID-19 restrictions which allows him to easily settle in the cubicle. He also gave his followers a tour of the cubicle and showed them how he stores his food and clothes.

When a user pointed out that what if there is a chance of him getting caught by security, Simon said that “most corporate offices do not have cameras” in the cubicle area.

In a follow-up, he added that there are two men’s showers inside the office building, stocked up with towels to use for free.

However, his experiment did not last for too long as Simon confirmed later that he was “evicted from the floor on day 4 and a human-resource employee asked him to remove all the clips from social media.”

After getting evicted, Simon said his relationship with the company is ‘likely’ to end. However, the status of his employment is still unknown.

“It’s likely going to end, it’s up in the air, [it’s up to my employer] whether or not it’s going to be quiet and nice, or whether it’s going to be a whole thing. It’s up to them,” he said.


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