This UK Company Will Pay You £17,000 To Travel The World And Just Party

Do you love weddings? Do you love to get paid fun, not just fun but partying? I bet you do!

Well, the UK based bachelorette party organizers company GoHen, are looking for a ‘Professional Hen Party Tester.’ According to The Sun, the full-time job involves traveling across the globe, trying out spas, clubs, hotels, activities, vlogging the experience and helping brides/bridesmaids throw fun parties before the nuptials.

This UK Company Will Pay You £17,000 To Travel The World And Just Party

You don’t need a university or a professional degree to qualify for the job. The company is looking for people who just want to party, love adventure and a little bit of an event management experience.

Steve Roddy described the role as:

“We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best bridal send-offs in the industry. So, to make sure we meet our high standards, we need an experienced partygoer to head to our destinations and test the latest hen party activities and try out the local party scene so we can keep ahead of the curve.”

The best part is you get to withdraw a salary of £17,000 per year in addition to all travel expenses. That’s so freaking cool!

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Why are you still reading this story? Hurry up and submit your application before they fill up the position.

The deadline for applications is February 28, 2020, as reported by Edinburgh News.


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